Queen Loris

The intergalactic Femme Fatale

Makeup Services with Loris Queen

Whether it be soft glam beauty or clown realness, Loris' makeup artistry will help you realize your wildest fantasy on your very own face! 

Are you looking for a drag make-up artist for your events, special occasions and parties? Look no further, Loris is a professional drag queen and make-up artist with many years of experience.

Loris greatest pleasure comes from connecting with her clients and enhancing their intrinsic beauty through the power of make-up in a way that supports and conforms to their personal style.

Loris make-up services is committed to give you the best drag make-up services so you can look like a queen on your special day, by providing you with a service that is second to none. You will enjoy an enhanced experience fit for a queen.

Loris drag make-up lessons is also committed in providing make-up lessons for aspiring drag queens. Your journey into becoming a drag queen isn’t going to easy but rest assured that Loris Queen is here to make everything as simple as possible. You will quickly learn the process and pick up the drag make-up techniques.

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