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  • June18
  • Interview with Loris by Natalie Renee By Papa Moll Interview with Loris by Natalie Renee Learn more about Loris, who she is and what she thinks. The Interview  will give you some crispy insights. Enjoy your reading http://dragenthusiast.blogspot.ch/2 Read more Tags : 0 comments
  • May15
  • Loris Queen on Huffington Post By Papa Moll Loris Queen on Huffington Post Shot of Loris tree goddess fantasy at DragCon 2016, featured in the Huffington Post! Costume, hair and makeup by Loris! Read some of the nice comments Loris got: Beth W Read more Tags : DragConPress 0 comments
  • January26 RuPaul’s Drag Race Recap By Papa Moll RuPaul’s Drag Race Recap The weekly return from the lip sync has become routine for the contestants, and it shows. Everyone says that this was an emotional elimination, but they’re all either to Read more Tags : RuPaul’s Drag Race 0 comments
  • December28
  • A family that drags together By Loris A family that drags together   For years, when people heard the term ‘Drag Queen’, they would automatically associate it with dark, sexualized club environments, and with the cheap Read more Tags : collegedragexpressionfamilyfeminismloveq

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