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Fellow rejects and weird kids, jump in! We're going on a cruise through my world.

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Loris @theOnlyLoris Casually creepin’ up on your feed like 🤡 Stoked about the new IT part trailer... what did you guys think?! 🖤 shoes… t.co/Drh7aq8f0E Antworten Retweeten Favorisieren 11. May
Loris @theOnlyLoris Literally just here for the dicks 🤷🏼‍♀️ Antworten Retweeten Favorisieren 5. May
Loris @theOnlyLoris Gave in to peer pressure, and so I’m back on Twitter! Lmao goddamn i feel old Antworten Retweeten Favorisieren 4. May

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